Copyright Commerce and Culture Blog Roll

Here’s a list of blogs that I’ll be requiring (suggesting?) my students to read:

A Copyfighter’s Musings
Copyrights & Campaigns
Creative Commons
EFF: Breaking News
EFF: Deep Links
Free Culture @ NYU
Free Culture @ NYU List Serv (requires membership)
Freedom to Tinker
John Palfrey
Lessig Blog
Public Knowledge – Blogging, Events, and Action Alerts
Recording Industry vs The People
The Public Domain
Wendy Seltzer’s Blog

Please let me know if you have any suggestions. You can read the whole feed here live via Google Reader, or download the OPML file here, which you can then import as a folder into any RSS reader.

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  1. Have them pick 5-6 but make sure one is a generalist one like Slashdot. Otherwise that is way way way too many!

    Great list tho

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