Sights and Sounds of Obama’s Victory

I went out last night around 1 am to take photos of the celebrations happening in Union Square. At the last minute I downloaded a voice recorder app for my iPhone and hit record as soon as I stepped out the door. I recorded the entire next half hour of shooting photos and talking to people in and around Union Square and I think it does a pretty good job of capturing the mood. Think of it as a Manhattan field recording.

30 minutes, 320kbps 71.4mb file download or listen here:

  1. sounds like you got some fancy shoes on there, buddy.

  2. Good ears, I just got them, so they’re extra clippy.

  3. hey! that’s me in your slideshow with the hoop! yay!!! the best cause to celebrate in many, many years!!!

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  5. Hey Fred,
    Thanks for your contribution on Kickstarter! I’d love for you to share these photos on the 11/4/08 Flickr page…

    And if you can wed the audio to some kind of slideshow, you could upload it to my website – The site is trying to collect videos from that day, but I’m always open to a little Chris Marker action.


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