Someone submitted my FREE BEER photo from Sapporo to the FAIL Blog:

Here is my original from Flickr:

Free Beer

There are a couple of things that are frustrating about this. For one, they didn’t follow my CC license and attribute me and release the modified version under the same license. That’s forgivable because I made the photo basically impossible to find via a text search (so this person could have found it through an intermediary) because I hadn’t tagged it.

Whats more annoying is that the FAIL blog seems to have posted this because people think its an example of Engrish in Japan:

That’s my only theory, really. Poorly chosen Engrish name. Then again, I’m also curious as to what the orange text reads – I can’t quite make it out on my own.

Someone named “Stallman” seems to have attempted to correct all of the failures of communication towards the end of the thread:

To understand the concept, you should think of “free” as in “free speech,” not as in “free beer.”

But something tells me its not really RMS, as he doesn’t use a browser, so I don’t think he’s submitting comments on FAIL blog.

This doesn’t exactly inspire a lot of confidence in possibility of a future world in which “free” suddenly means “libre” and not “gratis.”

  1. Ha, that was *your* picture. I noticed that on their and started ranting about what free beer was because no one had commented about why it is indeed free beer.

  2. Note: I was not “Stallman”, but I think I was the first to try to explain…no one really listens though…they just comment.

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