1. That’s powerful. I’m glad I didn’t watch it back in 2001. I would have been a blubbering mess too. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Who’d have guessed that we’d be a fascist regime in less than three years after 9/11.

  3. hell I’m a blubbering mess watching it now. that’s deep.

  4. Hey Hipmonkey…bite me! You think we are in a fascist regime? You moron, if we were you wouldn’t have been able to write an idiotic post like you did. Go vote for the moronic damocrats and see what you end up with. In 4 years we’ll all be ass in the air, towel headf wearing terrorists. Will you like that? Idiot.

  5. I wish I had seen this when it first aired. I’m glad that I finally did see it. It makes me believe that Jon Stewart is a great American – and that, for a time, we all could have been great Americans. While that opportunity for our country has passed, hopefully soon we’ll have a new opportunity to remind the world that America’s greatness lies not in its military might, but in the firm foundation of good, hard working people who relish and celebrate their freedoms – regardless of their political stance.

    Thank you for sharing this with me and the rest of us.

  6. Wow. “Pissed.” Thanks for confirming the stereotype of the stupid blind racist moron Republican. Go bury your head in the sand and believe that Bush did everything right and President Palin won’t bring on the destruction of the free world.

  7. (Anyone have a Canadian mirror for this vid?)

  8. Good post.
    Just one thing people, there is no right and there is no wrong. Stop acting like there is.

  9. That was one of the most beautiful and heartfelt things I’ve ever seen on television. What makes Mr. Stewart’s speech even more wrenching, I think, is how that vulnerability, that nascent hope that Americans felt and Jon put into words, was hijacked by an administration in order to create even more destruction and chaos. For a brief time, there was a true sense of brother and sisterhood in the States; the shockwaves from the Bush administration’s opportunity jump ripped clear through that, and once again America is a nation divided.

    Like all disasters, though, there’s hope. Just as Jon Stewart said, we grieve, but we don’t despair – America has weathered storms past, will endure future gales, and is in the midst of a political hurricane at this moment…but hard-working, dedicated, loving people can rebuild. It’s possible.

    Great post.

  10. Hmm… I wish I could watch this every year during this week, but i don’t have that kind of time.

  11. Beautiful, candid, honest, and inspiring. Thank you for sharing this with us. I’m not a night show watcher, but sure have respect for this gentleman for sharing his heart and his thoughts as well as his hope for this country. Very touching. Blessings, RH

  12. wow.
    it’s interesting to see everybody’s ideas about all these issues that have been brought up.
    this bit is very moving. i love and admire the sincerity and i know we all struggled there for a while (and many still do). I disagree with the idea that the USA is anything near fascist, moreover i try very hard not to equate the image of anyone who does think the USA is fascist to that of a spoiled fourteen/fifteen year old.

  13. I’m always embarrassed for people like \Pissed.\ What a horrible life to be so bitter and angry all the time.

  14. I’ve got a great admiration for Jon Stewart, he’s a brilliant satirist. It’s an easy assumption to make that people who mock the administration hold no pride for the country that they mock, but they couldn’t be further from the truth. Jon Stewart has shown his passion for democracy and liberty, the freedoms the United States were formed to protect. He is a true American, with true American values, and uses his freedom to criticise – when criticism is needed – to the fullest effect.

    I’m English, and every day I am grateful for the pride I can have in my freedom to criticise and question those in power, and maybe now more than ever we, both Americans and Britons need to examine the greatness of power each and every one of us has to protect those freedoms from those who would have it diminished. America is not a fascist state, not yet at any rate, but there are people; People like John McCain, who believe that freedom should not be in the hands of the free, but in the hands of the powerful, in the hands of the leader. I implore anyone with the power of intervention, which a vote is, use it to protect the freedoms of true democracy, where closed minded republicans would have this diminished in favour of religious crusade and short term economic gain, for which we are already paying the price, in jobs, in economy and in lives.

  15. (Anyone have a Canadian mirror for this vid?)

  16. If we become terrorists, who do we terrorize? The other terrorists?

  17. Did some of you trolls not just watch this incredibly moving video? I’m pretty sure what Jon Stewart was amazed at was how we were all banding together after this terrible event. I believe his words were “bringing down the barriers between us.” (6:20?) Yet, here we are, flaming each other on some bloody website. And if it wasn’t this one, it would be another. This election is bringing out the worst in many people. Even people of other nationalities are getting involved in spreading hate. Shame on us all.

  18. I was lucky enough to see this speech when it first aired, even though I was too young to realize the depth it had at the time.

  19. Smile, though your heart is breaking.

  20. This is a very touching video. i didn’t see it when it aired first, but i did see it this year and i couldn’t help but cry. it must have been the hardest thing for him to do. But he did it well.

    oh and for those talking about everything else… we all have our own views, and freedom of speech. and a fascist regime does not pop up in just a few years, but it sure as hell seems like it’s happening right now.

    thanks for this video again.

  21. Awesome Jon. Awesome.

  22. I’m in the UK and it wont let me view grrrr

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