By now, everyone is familliar with The Million Dollar Homepage. Alex reached his goal and ended up making, as far as I can tell, a little over a million dollars on the endeavor.

When I first heard about the page, I knew he would get his million -- it was just one of those ideas that works phenomenonally on the internet and no where else. So I began taking screen shots (every day or so) with the vague intention of creating some kind of time-lapse animation of the page in the future. I figured that once the animation were complete, it'd end up as a manifestation of a kind of micro-internet expansionism and perhaps, with the help of the GIF animation format, we'd be able to draw some conclusions about internet, advertising, and social progress. Actually, I just really like time-lapse animation and figured this would be a good experiment in timelapsedigitalography.
So here are some technical issues regarding the GIF and this experiment:
This will *probably* crash your browser, but click on the following thumbnail:

for 35 frames of the evolution of The Million Dollar Homepage.
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Fred Benenson, Tue Jan 24 2006