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I work for Kickstarter as their data engineer, building products, writing queries for research, and planning our data architecture. You can read more about my setup and technical workflow on The Setup. I'm most interested in creating and researching interesting datasets, small and large, and have spent a lot of time with tools and platforms such as R, elasticsearch, redis, MapReduce and AWS.

I was previously employed as a Creative Commons' representative in NYC. I went to ITP and finished in '08, but also went to NYU for undergrad in philosophy and computer science and started Free Culture @ NYU during my senior year. I've taught undergrad and graduate students at NYU in copyright and cyberlaw. I also occasionally contribute to Wired Magazine.

I spend my spare time with my lovely girlfriend Thessaly, variations of the Rubik’s cube, two furry faces named Catberry and Horatio, and cameras.

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