Spore losing the DRM Fight

, the long awaited evolved version of Sim City by game genius Will Wright has a DRM problem. As of this post, there are 14 "1 Star" reviews versus six 4 and 5 star reviews, by people who said that they won't buy it (which admittedly isn't quite the same as a review of the game itself) because it has DRM:

Thus Spore now has an average of 2-stars on Amazon. The game as gotten good but not excellent reviews, so this is surely of concern for the makers as people will probably take the Amazon rating seriously and might not buy.

Is this a concerted campaign to shame EA (Spore's publisher/distributor) or a distributed disorganized consumer reaction against DRM itself? I tried Googling for "Spore DRM campaign" thinking I'd find a Defective By Design campaign about it, but couldn't find anything.

The moment concentrated actions like protests lead to dis-organized collective action and rebellion en masse is very exciting. If these are actual consumers acting in concert but without prompting from a centrally organized campaign then it means that our efforts at establishing DRM as an anti-feature have been successful.

UPDATE: BoingBoing and Kotaku both linked here (thanks) and Spore now has 144 "1-star" reviews, but is #1 in games:


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  3. Steve

    I went to Amazon because I was intrigued by the game after playing the iPod mini-game.

    I almost never play computer games, so it's a big deal when I break down and decide to procrastinate from real life responsibilities to play them.

    I knew nothing about the DRM when I went to Amazon, and after reading a handful of reviews I figured it out and was absolutely horrified. I then left my own one-star review. Unlike some, I'm not just making noise. I intended to buy the game, but because of the assinine DRM policy, I will not.

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  10. Matt Smith

    I've written about this as well. It isn't just restricted to Spore.

    Go and check out the Amazon reviews of Far Cry 2, Mass Effect, Crysis Warhead...all the same story.

  11. islamciyiz

    BoingBoing on spore reviewers Spore losing DRM fight Share! These icons link to social bookmarking sites where readers can share and discover new web pages

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  13. poke guy250

    hey... i have a question.... i bought spore but i cant get it to stop freezing!!!!!! any suggestions?? P.S. i have windows xp.

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  15. Kevan Blok

    I agree , no more "advice" about DRM.
    It must be annoying , but then again , if you got spore and gave a copy to every kid in a class , they'd lose a lot more than $100 with only 3 downloads.....
    Plus , if any of you whiners have a better idea , i'd like to hear it.......

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